Stone Masonry

Stone Masons

These types of masons specialize in fixing stone cladding on homes or buildings. Stone masons must have the ability to cut solid bodies of stone into desired shapes. The art of this is called stereotomy.   For many years stonemasons have used all types of natural stone. There are a vast amount of colors, textures, and shapes a stone may have. Depending on the location will depict the type of stone you may have. If the local stone is not desired shipping the stone from across the states or even from different countries is available. The stone commonly used are of igneous, metamorphic and sedimentary rock. Limestone and sandstone are the two main types of sedimentary stone widely used by masons in the USA.

Types of grouting techniques

Traditional grouting techniques used in laying stone will either have a mortar joint or a joint called dry stacked. A dry stacked stone will have more of a natural finish by laying the stone tightly together. The mortar joint can vary in mortar colors and size. There is also a technique called over grouting where the mortar is feathered over the stones pitch. The over grouting can continue to fully smear the stone as well. This technique is called slush and brush and the smearing is widely used on limestone with a gray or white mortar.


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Stone masons
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