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We provide Consultations for anyone who may need direction. If you need or have ideas and would like to see if the ideas will work we can help. The benefit of consultations can ease the planning and budgeting process. It’s better to hold off spending any money til you know all the available options. With our experience and knowledge, we can assist with any of these decisions. We can help improve the situations if involved or concerned about a current project.

The Ideas

We know your ideas and wants are important. As the first step, it is our understanding to make sure they come to reality. Planning the designs to flow and work with the surrounding environment is our goal. It can be intimidating seeing your ideas through. With a professional, this can be a huge difference and a relief. An experienced contractor invested in construction methods, and techniques can deter disastrous ideas.


Pricing out your plans is an important part of the project. Not having a budget can bring a wide spectrum of ideas and by narrowing the cost this makes for an easier decision. A budget can help contractors to see your ideas through on paper. Comparing the proposals with the budget will be more informal to you as a customer. Saving on the material is a great way to trim budgets. Searching for second-hand materials or sales help shave the costs. Achieving the same result with different types of materials can cut down the budget. The contractor’s overhead is a factor. Business insurance and level of skill will cause varying budgets.


If the project is on blueprints or in the planning stages we can help with the process. The existing codes, structures, and vegetation can have an effect on your plans. The topography could result in retaining walls, steps, and other landscape features. Taking all the aspects into account will help shape your plan. with that, you will decide on the layout and location. It can be reassuring planning with a professional. You will be confident that he or she will use the correct methods. With guidance, your project can achieve completion without creating unwanted new ones. You wouldn’t want to be in the middle of a project and realize a better solution was available. Overlooking anything may result in more cost.


Always review the contractor’s insurance certificates. Being covered is always a good idea if there were an accident. Workman’s comp and general liability will benefit both parties. If you decide to waive the insurance. You will take on the responsibility of the incompetence and incidences.


After comparing the ideas, balancing the budget and understanding the plans. It’s time for the project to start. The first step is protecting the surrounding environment and existing structures. Keep in mind that most construction projects tend to degrade grass if any. Through the duration of the project, the sites cleanliness is important. This shows discipline and minimizes the danger. Building in the right order of operations is crucial. Unorganized methods create lost time, overages, and poor workmanship. As a contractor, we don’t ask for money down. Compensation is often paid in thirds with the first payment at the beginning. A signed contract with the scope of work defined is definitely good ethics. Verbal contracts might not be the best choice. If there were ever to be a disagreement the Law favors the contractors. We recommend contracts to our clients to give them peace of mind.
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