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(We offer discounts on name brand kitchen Appliances such as Lynx, Kitchen Aid and Fire magic.)

When it comes to building outdoor kitchens or built in grills you may want to visualize how you want to use it or how many people your going to entertain and find a place to accommodate the size of your kitchen. It is known that the kitchen is a place to entertain and have most of your conversations.

If the engineer site plan is at your reach see if an outdoor kitchen can be built without any electrical, plumbing, water lines and easements getting in the way otherwise extra precautions will need to be made. Before we start planning we call Okie (811).
When purchasing a grill think about what size you want and how much you want to spend. A 42 inch grill is common and will be best for large portions of meat while also cooking other veggies and meats. Decide on a side burner that will accommodate what you will be cooking. There are burners that are high powered for large pots and then burners that are more for frying and smaller pots. Some burners come equipped with cutting boards and drawers.  Purchase your hardware and storage units that you would want and then design around them keeping in mind how much space you have.

When shopping for your Outdoor kitchen choose colors that represent fall season or earth tones for a better resale and look. After choosing your grill and storage start  looking for the colors  and the exterior material such as brick, stone or stucco.  We install thin brick and thin stone as well, this kind of material is also called simulated for better reference. Outdoor kitchens can be built from kits, wood frames or mason blocks. Blocks for outdoor kitchens have proven to be durable and last a very long time. The need for a kit is for those who are not advanced in masonry. Masonry kitchens are always going to be best due to being able to custom build for any design.

We plan, design and build any project for the outdoors.

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If your outdoor kitchen is needing a roof over it check out our other services we offer.


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