Masonry Mailbox

Masonry mailboxes

When it comes to a masonry mailbox we have built many out of stone, brick & stucco or a mixed combination of material. Choose to use thin brick or thin stone for even more choices.

The important item on the mailbox is the kit. Roadside and security mailbox kits can be installed with all brick, block or stone. Choose to install an address block, separate numbered individual blocks or a numbered sign for helpful directions to your location.

Mailbox cap

Installing a cap can really top off the looks of a masonry mailbox. A cast stone cap is not crucial but it will help slow the deterioration of the structure if not completely. There are flat, peak and crescent shaped caps. We can rebuild just the top half or install a new cap giving it a whole new look. There are a number of cast stone, brick or natural stone cap designs to choose from.

NOTE: There is a USPS code and guidelines on the placement of your mailbox and kit


A few problems that can happen is the material used such as brick, stone or cast stone can come loose, break or see signs of spalling. Over time it could lean, sink or fall over. Mainly the brick or stone caps are the first to be restored due to weathering. No matter the problem we can fix it.

Columns like the mailboxes will have the same issues. If they do not have a concrete footing or cast stone cap the structure will be prone to weather and will start to deteriorate. The only solution we have to offer is to install a cast stone cap and perform the restoration. In most scenarios, we completely rebuild and pour a new concrete footing. This will assure the longevity of the structure.

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