Fire pits are very popular and a great addition to your yard. When deciding on the looks and size of fire pits also look into having a fire pit on a patio of brick pavers or stone. Fire pits can have gas fed under the fire pit if needed. Fire pits need oxygen so its best to install air holes at the bottom of the fire pit and this will help with the size of flames and heat. Grates can be installed as well as melting pots or stew pots with swinging arms. You may want to install a large cap for a bench for seating or use it for a table. Keep in mind the difference in fire pits some are built with fire bricks and some are built with concrete blocks with a split or rock face much like versa-lok blocks. There are many shapes and sizes you can choose from. The most common of course is circle pits and Square shaped pits along with rectangle fire pits. Gas fired pits also can a have fire glass rock or lava rock installed making a great feature and design. There is a solution if a typical fire pit isn’t what you want. There are ways to building fire pits along walkways, integrated in plant beds, or on counters, in pots or level with the ground. Ground level fire pits would need to be water proofed along with proper drainage. Fire pits are even great in front of a Fireplace as the center table while making your sitting area more inviting.

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Fire Pit

Interlocking Block Fire Pit


If you are not wanting a fire pit maybe you would like a fireplace instead.


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