Tuck pointing will be needed if your home or building has settled or cracks are visible. In some cases a tuck pointing repair could be more of a rebuild due to walls shifting away from its original position. The cracks can cause moisture and water to penetrate the interior and then mold and wrought over time.

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There are many things that can happen that causes cracks and settlement leaving an opening for water penetration to occur. Such things are Post-construction settlement, Tremors or earthquakes, Heavy equipment working nearby, Faulty original engineering or construction, Redistribution of weight loads due to remodeling or building additions, Excessive snow or wind loads, Material failure, Expansive soils, Plant roots, Thermal expansion and contraction, Poorly bonded masonry, Using incompatible building materials, Accidental impact from vehicles, Failure to adequately compact the earth prior to construction, Lack of adequate water drainage away from the structure, Excessively hard mortar.

Openings small and large can produce a higher energy bill, for example: A few holes and cracks can equal to a fist size hole acting as a vent. Just a hairline crack will cause air leaks but most important with the hairline crack is that water can still penetrate the interior and then flow to the bottom of the footing close to the floor joist or the base of your masonry etc….  Usually moisture is not a problem due to the weep holes just above the damp proofing on the walls. Water that is constantly penetrating and keeping the interior wet will cause problems if left unattended and will be worse if left unattended during freezing weather. This calls for tuck pointing or you can go for a do it yourself and use caulk but the caulk will not last as long and is just temporary and will also be visible.

NOTE:  Cement is hardly matched exactly. Aging mortar and dirt on the existing walls will be the difference from the new mortar. We will match the cleanest part of the wall. Washing the wall before tuck pointing is a common practice before restoring. There is a lot to know about. We have performed plenty of restoration jobs to know whats best. Chalking is a method used for for blending in new wall against existing walls.

Openings that are subject to weather must be repaired before winter due to the fact that water will penetrate the opening then freeze causing the water to expand making the matter worse. Window and Door Trim may need to be replaced also if water is penetrating near these areas. There’s no need to call anyone else we can provide new trim and caulk as well.

On some homes the front of your Garage will settle or the pressure of your gable will cause your garage opening to sag due to the lack of support. We also can fix this for you. Having a gable above your garage made up of bricks or stone can be very dangerous if the structure is sagging or cracked due to a enormous amount of pressure. It’s advised to not cut, hammer and work on a gable that is cracked or falling apart due to the danger. Its always best to rebuild the gable to fix the problem for good.

If you have these problems it is highly advised that tuck pointing might be the solution before it causes you more damage to your property.

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