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Brick Masonry

The caliber of brick masons and experience.

Brick masons or in other words bricklayers may be hard to choose from. When getting multiple bids each contractor will differ in both skill and knowledge. Most brick masons may have adequate experience but performing the work will also need discipline. The difference between professionalism and amateur workmanship will be noticeable. Performing quality work does take a little more time and experience locating the benchmark is something masons should do. The benchmark will help scale for windows and door openings to make sure the coursings will work. You don’t want to have cut brick pieces or slivers. Knowledgeable brick masons will decrease the number of eyesores by eliminating small pieces, slivers, and unleveled courses. The more of the brick itself is intact the better. Sometimes the masons can’t help but use a small piece or unusual cut.

Another aspect of masonry is knowing the updated codes. Having the discipline to keep up with the revised codes is the brick masons responsibility. The inspectors or builders may not always be on site or none at all.

For example; A framed building may be out of level. One wall may be taller than the other and this is crucial when needing the brick course to come together. In some situations, the top of windows and doors may not hit the brick course right. Course adjustments will be done by your brick mason.

Your project should have minimal mistakes and eyesores. A good bricklayer will make sure any project will have minimal mistakes. Disciplined brick masons should install brick correctly so there won’t be any holes and voids for water to penetrate causing damage later. This is also true in hot and cold climates causing wasted energy. Masonry flashing, wall ties, and moisture barriers are very important. Knowing the proper way to install these materials is another point to hire an experienced brick mason and mason tenders.

Mason Tenders

There is more than hiring a knowledgeable brick mason. The mason will need a mason tender. Mason tenders are as equally important as the brick masons. The tender’s responsibility is the mixture of the mortar and materials. The tooling or striking of the mortar joints is done by both professions. Tooling the joints at recommended times will be crucial for the longevity and appearance of the mortar joints. The mortar in veneer makes up for around 20% of the wall. Having a great brick job along with nice looking mortar joints is as equally important.

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Brick Masons
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