Masonry repair is a common practice on older structures and some occasions on newer structures. Any masonry work is only as good as its foundation when it comes to settlement. In some cases a foundation has already been moved and the structure is held by its own weight and tinsel strength. Brick and stone walls that have departed away from its original state can be rebuilt or tuck pointed depending on the circumstances.

Repairing masonry should be treated with importance and seriousness. Water damage and high energy cost can be the next problem if some repairs are left unattended.  Repairing Chimney’s is very common if a structure should have one.  Chimney’s should be inspected every so often after a high wind storm that perhaps knocked down trees in the area or at least once every several years and another factor to add is how often the fireplace is used. Another problem to look out for is the flashing around your chimney when built on an exterior or interior wall. Flashing can sometime be torn off or a new roof was installed and the flashing wasn’t installed correctly.

Repairing masonry whether the structure was hit by a vehicle, damaged from a storm or just deteriorated over time the problem should be repaired promptly due to water damage and potentially harming a person. Spalling bricks is another reason to repair your property. This is when the facing of the brick has flaked off from poor quality or from water penetration and the cycle of  freezing and thawing. There are a few methods to repair spalling bricks. One method that can be used is imitating the brick or replace the brick facings. The method used will be determine on how well the structure is in place and if its able to be matched and owners preference.

Tuck pointing is a very commonly used method for repairing masonry. Grouting or mortar re-pointing is a masonry repair or a from of restoration on historical Registers or on older structures where the mortar has deteriorated and calls for Tuck pointing. Settlement and the lack of support is the cause of cracks in masonry walls. Support is needing over garage doors and arches and veneers.  Constant damp areas will cause mortar to deteriorate as well as the brick. Mortar along with masonry units in chimney stacks will deteriorate from the vast amount of expansion and shrinking. The quality of your mortar will be the first factor, how it was mixed, was it tempered more than it should of been or did it freeze before it cured, was there to much sand in the mix. There is a mortar for different types of Jobs. If your needing any masonry repair we have the experience and the know how. Call this number here (918) 637-1625 or contact us on our contact page. Needing a fence repaired we can help you there click here

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Masonry repair

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