If you notice your flat work, walkways, sidewalks and porches is holding water, under water or deteriorating it’s either time to rebuild or have it repaired. If you’re needing repairs or want flat work done give us a call (918) 637-5613

The older the structure is the more chance of seeing settlement around your walkways and porches. Flat work in areas of soft or wet ground may not be the best of choice to install walkways without a strong enforced sub grade and compacted soil. Sprinklers that stay on constantly will be one cause of wet soft ground and a reason for deterioration. Flat work will also become broken down from high traffic, ground shifting from natural causes, or from tree roots growing under and around your flat work. Today’s concrete is more durable and last longer with more strength due to additives and fibers but it’s hard to say if it’s better than the 70’s and 80’s concrete. I will say this if concrete is not properly mixed with proper water/cement ratio or water/binder ratio then the longevity will be altered. 4,000 psi, air entrained concrete for outside paving is key.

NOTE: If flat work is underwater for long periods of time the problem might call for proper drainage for your property. Look in our hard-scape & Landscape page for we also perform drainage solutions.

NOTE: Always use concrete or a hard pack for your flat work. Concrete will be more for flat work with mortar joints and hard pack or screening will be more for dry fit pavers. Sand or soil is a substance you can use but will not hold up like hard pack or concrete.

There are certain rules you must follow to have a working walkway, porch, and driveway.

You might also see that the mortar in the joints are crumbling or eroding away. This is due to the cycle of freezing and thawing or poor installation and mortar mixture. Erected walls can have deterioration from same causes that flat work may have. This calls for re-pointing and restoration. Discarding old mortar and then re-grouting is always a needed service at some point in time for any structure. Craftsmanship and upkeep is key for how long it last and how good it appears.

NOTE:  DIY – When cement is mixed and then hardened without being used and then remixed the cement loses its strength. Also when using the premixed add water when needed. When mixing cement with sand try not to use to much sand, a proportioned amount is around 22 to 28 shovels per 90lbs bag of cement and use a type S or M for level or below grade. You want a lite puffy consistency that is easy to work with.

Masonry is one profession that should be done by the professionals due to hard labor and the need for well thought through plans. It is very expensive if mistakes are made. Please give us a call for any kind of flat work that needs to be repaired or re-pointed and if your looking to have some flat work done to your home or building. please call  (918 637-5613)


flag stone flat work patio

flat work flag stone patio


Flat work brick paving driveway

Flat work brick paving driveway

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